Monday, August 22, 2011

on your mark!

wooho, it was race day!
one of the highlights of our mountain town is the horse races.
it always makes for such a fun day and we were all looking forward to it for weeks.
you can imagine what goes down:
ridiculous bets on ridiculous odds of a certain horse coming in win, place or show.
that's race lingo for ya', i don't really understand it all but i get
 the biggest kick out of watching my husband and my brother and my dad.
we all were feeling pretty lucky going in to race one
 and with our 
little lucky charm girl in tow i knew we were 
going to come out ahead.
boy was i wrong!
it was a disappointing day at the tracks race wise
 but we all still had a blast!
junie loved the races. 
she was so intrigued by the horses and all of the crazy action!
she also was loving eating little crackers, ha!
she was so sweet and content to sit and watch the horses and eat her little cracker crumbs.
sweetest little angel love.
she was so tuckered out from all of our horse cheering.
sweet girl decided to take a nap on tootie and good thing pearce was there to 
hold her own personal fan!
we called her a diva that day. . .
i hate to say it but andy and i do no make a good team when
 it comes to betting on horses.
we have no clue what we're doing and have 
all the losing tickets below to prove it!
such fun though.
we all couldn't get enough of the race action so one day back at our
 condo we decided to make our own little fun while june was napping before dinner.
the men on the trip were enlisted to participate in a speed walking race
 down the mini hill in front of our house.
cheap entertainment, enjoy!
clearly the two most competitive participants on the trip didn't
follow the rules and forgot it was a
speed walking race.
you noticed the obvious running at the end right?
silly boys.
here's christopher post race with his espn top ten plays of the week interview.
the races wore us out so of course we had to re-fuel at the most delicious seafood restaurant ever!
more fun and food ahead. . .


  1. I just DIED laughing at Christopher's interview!!! That is priceless!! Post that on Facebook

  2. I'm with Bethany. THAT WAS HILARIOUS. Also, SO WEIRD FOR ME!! I haven't heard your brother talk since he was little pain in the butt Christopher always getting into our girl time! HAHAHA!! He's no little pain anymore! :) SO funny!!