Tuesday, September 6, 2011

flyin j!

our last night in ruidoso was one for the books!
we went to the flyin' j dude ranch and had quite a big time.
isn't' our little jailbird too cute for words?
so what's a family trip without matching tees?
i whipped these up for all of us to wear and we might have 
caused quite a stir at the dude ranch in our matching uniforms.
this is what memories are made of right?
as a little girl, i remember going to flyin' j and being so amazed
 by this old little western town complete with a gun show and a chuck wagon dinner.
i was excited for pearce and noah to experience it all and
 can't wait to take june back there one day when she can really get it.
it was such a fun night!
we missed our papa this night.
he had to rush home unexpectedly for work and we were so sad 
he was not there to share in our last night of mountain fun.
my mom and i tried our hand at the pistol shooting.
my mom even got a bullseye,
look out!
i, on the other hand am a very terrible shot.
the little western town is so cute and so fun to imagine what it 
was like way back when the west was wild.
this was the crowd lined up to take their seats for the gun fight.
after our nerves calmed down from the gunfight we headed into 
the dining hall for the most delicious dinner. . . just like the cowboys would have eaten.
it was delish!
of course our little bug loved every morsel, just like her daddy!
after dinner there is a little concert and junie was the cutest 
thing ever, dancing and singing and waving at the people
 behind us and just having the time of her life!
she really could not get enough of it and it was so sweet to watch her!
and would you believe it. . . our new friend royce loved our shirts so 
much he begged andy for the very one off his back.
it was funny to us and we were happy to share!
luckily, andy had on an undershirt so we did some switching with
 thomas and royce got a little souvenir after his hard nights work.
mom and dad, thanks again so much for this great trip!
we love every memory and can't wait for the next one!
here's to hawaii 2012. :)

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  1. y'all are TOO CUTE!! I love your shirts! You are such a pro!! LOVE THEM!