Sunday, August 21, 2011

mountain hideaway.

junie made her first real life roadtrip.
like a substantial one, a six hour one to be exact and the angel girl could not have done better!
i have to admit i was kinda nervous about the whole thing.
she's a champ when it comes to her carseat but never has she
 had an audience sharing the backseat with her so we weren't quite 
sure how any sleeping was going to happen since we
 all know she loves to be in on all the action.
she did perfectly and we were all so jazzed to be in the same car together, 
headed to our mountain hideaway.
my parents so graciously took our entire family on the most 
relaxing and most fun little getaway to ruidoso, nm.
we have gone there for years and made lots of memories
 so you can imagine how excited i was to show our baby bug
 around our favorite mountain town.
as usual, it did not disappoint!
since junie was with us we did make a few more stops than 
usual and most just so happened to be under texas' stop sign, dairy queen.
the choices for pit stops along the way to new mexico are few and far between
 and most are pretty questionable germ wise so good ole d.q. was the best we could do.
no one seemed to mind too much because that meant with every 
stop someone came out with one more blizzard or another chocolate shake. . . 
must haves for any roadtrip.
after our long drive we finally had arrived and just like any good
 family does we headed straight for more food,
on tonights menu was mexican food.
i pride myself in being a mexican food connoisseur and this place
 left us all wanting more but we were so thrilled to be 
out of the car that we ate it anyways.
after a quick stop at the grocery store for breakfast essentials, 
the boys got their monies together and headed to the casino for a little blackjack action 
and. . .
the girls cozied up with the biebs and some chocolate chip cookies, 
perfect night!
my favorite quote from the entire vacation 
was from the mouth of my little cousin pearce. . .
of course junie girl was fast asleep for the night and we were all 
downstairs watching the movie,
 it was nearing the end, 
right before his concert in madison square garden and she looked at me and said 
"i wish june was awake so we could scream!"
i died.
she lives for jb and it was hysterical how giddy she was about his movie, 
nevermind the fact that it was probably the 30th time she had seen it.
love her and i am not ashamed to admit that she gave me the fever.
justin bieber is adorable and his movie is a must see.
stay tuned for loads more of vacation funs!

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