Monday, August 1, 2011

ten months!

my angel.
that is exactly what you are.
i know i'm your mama but i think all that have met you would agree.
you are the sweetest little girl ever.
you are changing everyday and it is the best thing ever to witness.
i am so very thankful that i get to watch every single move you make, our days are pretty sweet together.
i have started planning your first birthday and just about can cry
 everytime i find a new idea for your bash on pinterest.
i can't believe you are two months away from being a year old.
that is so crazy to me.
i think it's going to be a fun time and i hope you will feel so loved and celebrated.
i have a good feeling you will because every one of your
favorite people will be here to do just that. . . love and celebrate you!
it's easy to do.
at ten months you are wearing size three diapers but i don't think for much longer.
you are wearing mostly 12 to 18 months clothes, sometimes 6 to 12 months.
you have five teeth, three on bottom and two little fangs (ha!) on top.
you are a sweet little teether and hardly ever fuss. if you feel sad about your teeth you let us know right before bedtime and usually oragel does the trick.
i feel so bad for you, much more sad than you ever are
 but my heart is quickly put at ease when you fall right to sleep.
daddy and i are wondering if maybe you are tricking us for a little bit more time of loving, smart girl.
you are still a busy bee.
you crawl everywhere around our house and pull up on everything in sight.
a handful of times you have started cruising down furniture to get something at the other end.
i feel no rush about you taking your first steps
because crawling to me is very baby and we all know i want you to stay a baby forever.
walking will be fun i'm sure, all in due time.
you love to 'love' on all of your stuffed animals.
i love this trick of yours and it's pretty funny because your love
 is more like a strangle than an actual hug.
we love it either way and encourage it everyday.
you wave bye bye to everything and are kinda confused.
you wave bye bye for more, pat-a-cake, itsy bitsy spider and lots of others.
it's funny to us and we are working on straightening things out.
in your tenth month of life you decided you were done
with baby food for good.
it threw us for a loop at first but you are all about feeding
yourself with your sweet little hands.
for breakfast now you have baby waffles, fruit. . .
 usually banana, which you go crazy for and yummy vanilla yogurt.
for lunch you like cheese, fruit and turkey and for dinner you love
anything that mommy and daddy are eating.
it's pretty big time and we are very proud of your good eating habits!
we haven't figured out the whole wheening thing but will give a more
valiant effort when we get the doctor's go ahead for whole milk.
so we are nursing before naps and before bedtime and we both still cannot get enough.
my darling girl you continue to shake us to the core with our intense love for you.
we love you more than you'll ever know and cannot imagine a second without you here.
these past ten months have been life changing in the very best way.
we love seeing your little personality.
we love playing with you.
we love eating with you.
we love reading with you.
we love singing with you.
we love doing just about everything with you.
you are the very best junie girl.
happy ten months baby, we love you so much!

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  1. There is no rush to wean. :) I kept going till 14 months..but Titus was allergic to while milk. You can do it as long as you want! :)