Thursday, April 28, 2011

circus cows.

on easter eve day i got to witness something
 that my eyes have been wanting to see for quite some time now.
with spring time comes new life and the mama cows at the ranch have been busy this spring with their new baby calves so we loaded up and headed down to the back pasture for what has become 
my favorite ranch memory!

the men worked hard to round up all of the new calves that needed eartags, 
pinned them up, 
weeded the mama's out and. . .
cue the circus music!
i'll let the pictures do the talking. . .
peta if your'e out there, no animal was harmed in the making of this blog.

seriously the fact that june is going to grow up knowing this ranch life
 thrills my heart more than words could ever say.
i cannot wait for the day when she is grabbing little baby calves tails, aren't these kids the cutest!
this afternoon was beyond fun and beyond silly.
we all laughed and yelled and engraved every second into our brains as the most fun yet!

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  1. Oh, Jess!! Priceless pix!! Is Uncle Morton out of bed yet? Anywaze, great action shots, so kudos to the photographer(s) in the mix...