Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7 month angel!

june darling, your mama is late 
getting this post up for you have been seven months old for a few days now.
the pictures were taken exactly on time but the words are late.
we live by the motto 'better late than never' right angel girl?
i can't believe you are seven months old.
yeah, yeah, yeah.
i know you get so sick of everyone saying they just can't believe you are getting
 so big
 so fast 
but it's true!
you are so perfect in every which way and you truly are getting more and more fun by the minute.
your personality has really come alive this past month.
you are dripping sweet, it's too much to handle sometimes.
you smile at us no matter what crazy thing we might be doing and we have lots of tricks up our sleeves to make you grin from ear to ear.

you do not go back to the doctor for a well visit until you are nine months old so 
we have no true idea of how much you weigh.
i am guessing you are still pretty close to your six month weigh- in of 17 pounds.
you're a solid little monkey girl with the healthiest thunder thighs known to mankind.
they are my favorite thing about you, 
that and your little baby breath. :)
i love to smell your little breath, i realize that is so weird but i love it!
daddy looks at me with the weirdest eyes when i do that, but he secretly loves it too.
you are a sleeping champion.
we are finally getting some solid sleep at night!
a long time ago you started sleeping through the night and 
then you decided to stop 
and then you would tease us and do it some nights but not every. . . 
inconsistency was your middle name.
but not anymore baby doll.
we are shooting to have you in bed no later than eight 
and you don't let us see you again until 6:45 or seven.
it is fabulous for everyone under our roof.
you are a good little napping girl too, i think you are about to cut out all of your little baby catnaps and transition to two good long naps a day.
mama has realized that life is so much better 
when she isn't such a freak out about your naps and silly schedules.
i know that works for a whole lot of people but our life is just kinda different from day to day.
so we are pretty much just sleeping when you want to, no real rhyme or reason, and
what a jolly little soul you are. 
you have no complaints about your life, that's for sure!

you are still nursing throughout the day and have a lunch and dinner consisting of either peas, pears and broccoli or peaches and bananas.
you also love pumpkin, apples, blueberries and sweet potatoes. . . i was nervous about that one but you gobbled it right up and begged for more.
i'm thrilled that you like to eat!
you had your first 'real' taste of grown up food two days after you turned seven months old.
tootie let you suck on an orange and you would have thought we had given you skittles or something equally delicious, you went crazy and wanted more, more, more.
you also had a tiny taste of bannana pudding at tootie's birthday dinner and on easter sunday.
of course. . . you were beside yourself.

you are this close to crawling.
that is unreal to me.
to imagine you scootin' a boot around our house makes me just about lose my mind
but i also cannot wait to chase you around.
 so come on little bug move those legs!
speaking of legs. . . you could be mistaken for a little froggy girl.
you love to kick your legs, when we hold you, when you are laying down. . . just all the time you are kicking just like a frog.
it's so cute.
another thing that is irristibly cute is your little voice, you have started saying ba-ba like a little lamb and a few other combinations.
we are still waiting on dada and mama but we know you have it in you.
i am your bff, you love me so very much and do not like to be left out of anything i'm doing.
if i leave you on the floor to play you have a big ole time as long as you can keep your eye on me and never let me out of your sight.
another thing that daddy and i love about you. . . you are our own little curious george.
i mean, my word june, you are a determined little nosey newt when your curiosity has been peeked.
you will squirm nearly out of our arms until we turn you in the direction of whatever it is you want to see or touch.
it's so funny and so great that you are trying to be so smart!
you are a truly delightful little darling girl.
i praise the Lord for how incredible He was to give us you.
we are thankful for your life, your health and all the joy and love that we have experienced since you came into our lives seven months ago.
what would we do without you?


  1. So sweet Jessica! CANNOT BELIEVE how big she is getting!! Love that your blog keeps me in the loop on precioius June's life. This summer, June and I will become BFF's too. Hopefully. :)

  2. sweet little angel girl! can't wait for June bug to meet our little Baby B... they'll be such good friends! So glad I was able to see you last week little mama - such a treat! Love.