Wednesday, April 27, 2011

party hearty!

last week my mom swung in to pick up her girls and get us to abilene asap to celebrate our christopher's big 23rd birhtday.
we were all so glad it worked out that she could come get us that way andy and i wouldn't have two cars when he came and joined us on friday.
we did make on quick detour at our fabric wonderland on the way out of town. . . 
my seamstress is working on some patio stuff for us, i am so excited about our outdoor living room.
can't wait to show y'all our sweet little patio all dolled up for summer cookouts.
aren't those the best. . . summer nights outside and it can only get better with these adorable threads!
no rush mom.
my brother's only request for his birthday was to see his niece.
we were thrilled to oblige him.
we celebrated him at lunch and dinner and loved every second spent with the birthday boy.
he loves it when i take pictures of him. . . proof seen below.
my poor dad only gets home cooked meals when andy and i are in town or when it's christopher's birthday (half-way joking) so both hall boys were super pumped about a little chicken fry birthday dinner with all the fixins'.
it's a shame my mom doesn't cook more often because when she does she always hits it out of the park.
never fails.

june was the entertainment for the party, such a doll baby.
she's so sweet and great!
i would take her for my birthday treat any day of the week!
then at the end of the week we got to celebrate tootie's 28th :) birhtday!
you can imagine that her birhtday wishes went a whole lot like her son's. . . just to have june there with her on her big day was all she really wanted.
your wish is our command.
we had a great dinner and loved celebrating our mom with a few little treasures!
here's to another year full of blessings, memories, love and joy for both of you april jewels.
love y'all so much and absolutely loved spending your days with you both.

christopher is headed to vegas with some buddies in a couple of weeks (scary!)
so andy was showing him how the big dogs roll at the poker tables with my mom's new shades from papa.
dreading the week that my baby brother is in vegas. . . just joking, they are going to have a blast!

we ended the festivities with some egg fun because the bunny was soon to hop over to our house the next morning!
it was such a perfect way to end our celebration, june lasted about one egg and was ready to hit the sack but one egg was enough to officially introduce her to our families easter traditions!
maybe next year she will be up for two. . .

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