Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a week without a husband.

andy is leaving today for an entire week and to say that i am depressed and emotional would be the greatest understatement. i have shed tears over this day for the past week and a half. pathetic? i think not! i love him so and can not wrap my little mind around him being away from me for an entire week. . . 7 WHOLE days is a very long time in newlywed world.
every fall andy, his dad and a few other men head to craig, colorado for their annual elk hunt. it is a trip that he looks forward to and talks about all throughout the year. it is also a trip that requires intense preparation. he has been watching elk hunting dvds for the past 6 months, mastering elk calls (which is hysterical to listen to) and packing the warmest clothes known to man. wives prepare food for their sweet hunters to eat. . . i am crossing my fingers that my chicken spaghetti and ziplocks full of blueberry muffins will not cause anytype of tummy problems. honestly, i am so excited that the time has come because i know how he looks so forward to this trip. . . but goodness how i will miss him!
so i figured there was no time like the present to dip my sweet little toes into this blog world. i have been telling andy for weeks that i must start a blog and here i am people! so keep checking in because while the husband's away this mouse will post everyday.


  1. To say I understand is an understatement! I can hear MJ outside right now rustling everything, everything, everything around getting ready to pack the trailer...nothing like this time of year for intensity! Love you loads!

  2. You're so funny Jess!! It's so hard but you will be SO OVERLY EXCITED to see him when he gets back!!! :) Can't wait to read your blog! :)

  3. Cannot wait to hear what the mouse has to say! I am going to try to call you as soon as I finish typing...did you get my message? I have got some potential blog material for you in the month of December if you and Andy are up for round 2 :)! Love you so!

  4. Oh keep blogging! I'm a total blog stalker and would love to hear about what's up with you and Andy these days!