Monday, November 8, 2010

uncle christopher!

all our life my brother and i have joked about who the favorite child was. . . there are maybe just like two or three times that he could claim that role.
poor guy now has obviously been pushed to the backburner since andy and i brought into the world the very first grandchild for my parents.
that's right, we are the favorites.
but by the looks of this picture, i'd say it's a role he's pretty happy to accept.
our time in abilene was made sweeter by this guy for sure and it made for such fun lunch hours when christopher would come see us everyday. 
we both really did look forward to the twelve o'clock hour. . . and it was even better when shelby tagged along too.
it was nice to have an extra set of hands to hold the little bug while i scarffed down some lunch and changed out of my pajamas.
i loved showing june a little bit of what her uncle does in his day to day cool college life.
so we made a stop by his place of employment. . .
obviously working real hard.
we also got to be in attendance to the bacon and eggs intramural football game one night.
sometimes when i'm rocking june i tell her stories of her uncle's great athletic feats.
we all wish she could have seen him in his glory days. . . such a stud.
wide awake little gecko girl, just taking in the action.
you've got lots of people that love you baby girl but none quite like your uncle christopher.
it's the sweetest love around.

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  1. Such a proud uncle! How sweet that is :) Baby June is so precious!