Tuesday, November 30, 2010

jiggity jog.

we spent some time in abilene with tootie and papa before thanksgiving.  it was so great!  i had originally gone home for a dentist appointment. . . at twenty six i had my very first cavity and only felt comfortable going to the same dentsit i have known and trusted for all my life.
i'm such a baby and it wasn't a big deal at all.
so andy drove us in, came back for work and then drove back in for the weekend. 
then he thought why transport our little monkey girl back and forth because he would just be coming back to the ranch in a few short days for thanksgiving so us girls stayed a little longer and let's just say that papa and tootie were more than thrilled for another week witih their girls.
here's what papa came up with for this visit. . .
 sweetest papa ever.
 june has started following us around the room with her sweet little eyes.  it's kinda crazy and makes her a little more grown up.  she also wins every staring contest. . . it's hystercal how she locks in on you and completely stares you down and stops blinking. 
she wins everytime.
 we were in abilene for june's second month birthday and she got a special little treat.
such a yummy two month cupcake!
oh goodness, i cannot wait to start planning her one year party, such fun is ahead.
 and this just in. . . my baby brother has become a man.
he irons his own clothes now.
now if only my mom could get him to do his own laundry.
love you rat.

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