Sunday, January 22, 2012

the real & short of it.

things have been real nasty over here.
june and i both caught that nasty ole' stomach bug 
that has been making everyone miserable.
it reared it's ugly head on us and boy was it u-g-l-y.
i cannot remember being that sick in a looooong time.
june was a trooper through it all and besides some
 nasty diapers and just getting sick at her stomach once, you would 
have never even known that she wasn't feeling too hot.
tough girl.
me on the other hand didn't take it so well.
i was a big helpless baby and hardly moved for an entire day.
so pathetic.
 thankfully, our sweet daddy doctor stayed home
 from work to get his girls all better.
i honestly don't think june or i would have survived the day without him.
on any given day, i am reminded of how i hit it
 out of the park with this guy, this day was no different.
he takes care of us so well.
 all of the time.
love him.
two little miserables watching elmo.
our girl is obsessed with elmo.
she lights up anytime she sees any device that could play
 her a quick youtube of her favorite character.
we are thiiiiis close to having to limit her technology time.
and just like that, the next day we were all better.
definitely was all of that tlc we got from andy.
here we are so happy to be heading out of the house. . . 
with new shades of course.
what girl doesn't need her own
 pair of pretty pink wayfarers?!?
 she and i wrapped up our week with some fabric shopping
 for some new projects and 
were eager to get our weekend started.
 it was a great weekend with a surprise treat from bapa and tootie!
such sweeties, always thinking about their girl.
she loved their treats and can't wait another second
 for them to be here with us next weekend!
hurrrry up.
here's  our little queen ready for friend liza's royal birthday party!
be still my heart.
i cannot even look at this picture without fighting the
 temptation to go and scoop up her warm, 
sleepy body and just squeeze her.
i sorta want her to wear that little petticoat every day of the week,
with her keds of course.
who's with me?
 we had such a fun time at liza's party,
loved eating sugary treats,
loved all of the dress up clothes,
loved all of the chit chat,
we just love us some willbanks sisters!
the rest of our weekend was spent just relaxing, 
going to church and eating out almost every meal. 
the best trifecta.
such a great time spent with my two lovebugs.
hope yours was wonderful too!

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  1. Your June is so cute. I have a daughter close to the same age and she is an Elmo lover too!

    Glad you all are feeling better!