Thursday, January 5, 2012

christmas morning!

christmas is so great,
no wonder it is everyone's favorite time of the year!
 our family does 'santa' and i hope we always will.
here's our little christmas girl, clean and ready for
 dreams of sugar plums dancing in her head on her 2011 christmas eve.
after she left these treats for santa, we gathered to read her 
children's version of Jesus' birth.
she was so sweet each time we would read this story 
throughout the month of december, always paying such close attention 
and loving story time.
this night though was different and even sweeter.
it is a powerful thing to tell your child about our Lord, 
who we celebrate every day of the year, 
pray with her; thanking Him for coming to this earth for us and
 then lay her down to peacefully sleep knowing that come
 morning we get to lavish her with His love and ours.
it's a surreal gift being parents to this little lump of love.
thank you Lord for all that you do, 365 days of the year.
 june walked down the hallway of my parents house
 to a true toyland awaiting her arrival.
santa definitely paid a visit to our very good little girl.
in fact, he came three times!
her face was priceless, she was so confused!
i can't imagine how this morning could have been any better.
there is nothing better than putting together christmas memories for your babies
 and with the help and generous hearts of bapa, tootie and
 uncle pher this christmas morning was extra sweet,
 extra memorable and extra long. . . lots of gifts to unwrap, lots of hugs to give.
i am already so excited for next year! 
merry late christmas morning from our family to yours.
we are all truly so blessed.

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  1. she is so precious!! so glad you all had a wonderful Christmas with your sweet girl. her jammies are too cute and I am LOVING that patagonia jacket-- such a fashionista!