Wednesday, January 11, 2012

15 months!

june bug.
you are my 15 month angel and i cannot believe
 how quickly you are growing.
you are getting better and bigger
 with each day.
you are truly the funnest kid around,
 i love spending my days with you.
here's what you have been up to recently!
 at your well check this month you weighed 23.7 pounds
 and were 31 3/4 inches tall.
i think you are going to be long and lean like your daddy, so fun!
maybe you will like volleyball or you will be the best back spot on a cheer squad?
whatever you choose will be great!
we continue to praise and thank the Lord for your healthy little 
self and leave every doctor's appointment so overcome with gratitude
 for how well He's growing you.
you got your shots and we both were of course devastated about that.
your little cry gets more heartbreaking the older you get which really 
breaks your dad's and mine's hearts.
we love you so much.
 you are a very good little sleeper girl.
you are in bed by 8 most nights and we won't see you again until 8 or later the next morning.
you are taking two naps on most days, sometimes just
 one depending on what we have going on.
last week you didn't seem too interested in taking 
two naps but this week you are again, hooray!
just like when you were tiny, it seems the more you sleep the better you sleep.
i am thankful that you love snoozing and also thankful
 that if you miss a nap you can roll with the punches
 and are still your happy, sweet self.
that doesn't' happen too often though because i'm still a freak out nap natzi.
your daddy is helping me work through that. ;)
 you are already such a feminine little lady.
you love your babies and are such a good little mommy to them.
you love to take good care of all of your stuffed animals and 
carry them or your babies with you all day.
you love bows and necklaces and can put your necklaces on all by yourself.
it's a daily fun that you choose to do, get all dolled up in jewels.
i love that you like little lady things.
you also love being crazy with daddy!
he pushes you so fast around in your car or boxes and gets wild 
with you in your monkey tent and you just die for it.
he thinks you like adventure. . .
he's right and so proud.
 you love to go places with me and i try to make sure you love our time running errands.
i'm hoping that all of my favorite places like target, 
hobby lobby and little antique stores become your favorite places too.
so far it seems to be working!
i love having you as my buddy, we have a whole lot of fun together.
you are definitely the apple of your father's eye.
you squeal with delight and run to him with these crazy open
 arms when he comes home each day.
he melts, literally and it's the best thing i see all day.
y'all are really in love with each other, so sweet.
 you are kind of funny about your eating.
you typically eat two very good meals a day which
 i hear is better than some little ones, so high five for that!
the third meal you just pick and choose and graze around
 but it's probably because you love to have snacks.
you know where they are and how to help yourself.
we've moved things around in our pantry so that these little
 goodies are not so available to you anytime you want them, ha!
you are drinking milk like a champ from a sippy cup and can even say the word milk.
it sounds so cute!
 milk is not the only word you can say. . .
 mama, dada, daddy, coookie, bapa, tootie, becky, paw, laci, jackson, 
duck, book, elmo, apple, rock, paci.
you also can say bye-bye, night night and where are you? (tootite taught you that one and it's the best)
talking is fun and your little voice is irresistible,
i could listen to you for days!
you are trying so hard to say christopher, you get the all of the 
syllables but it sounds like jibber jabber.
he loves to hear you attempt it and it really
 is the cutest little word.
last night you even said octopus, wow!
speaking of animals, you know the sounds that the
 bear, bunny, lion, sheep, monkey,dog and horse make.
my little girl genius, ha!
you also know where your nose, belly, ear, mouth and hair are.
smart girl, the teacher in me is so proud.
oh, and you know the tune to the abc's!

you are a growing, gorgeous girl june bear.
there are not enough words to tell you how proud we are of you.
everywhere we go, people want to talk to you and compliment 
you on your sweet, beautiful self.
i pray you are always noticed for having a sweet heart.
my little angel baby, i just am not sure how we managed to
 make it before you came along.
we are so crazy about you.
everyone that knows you is crazy over you.
just cannot get enough.
love you my sweet girl.

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