Sunday, January 8, 2012

bapa + tootie = fun!

with one day left on christmas vacation bapa and tootie raced
 down to see their girls and we were so glad they did!
june definitely was thrilled to see them and i guess 
they were pretty happy to see their little baby as well.
our first stop of the morning was at ol' south for some yummy pancakes.
it did not disappoint and we will
definitely be frequenting there more often.
so yummy!
since renovations are still taking place around the clock at
 the new house my mom was needing some inspiration so 
we popped into pottery barn for a look around.
luckily, bapa was there to keep junie entertained 
while us big girls did some brainstorming.
they are the cutest pair.
next up was the insane apple store for an ipad.
yay! for this incredible technology that allows
 us to see our faves whenever we'd like.
facetime addicts!
andy and i joked that this was probably the first store that
 june didn't leave with a treat from her grandparents. . .
maybe they have her very own ipad tucked away somewhere.
i'm joking.
as soon as andy got home from work we whisked him back 
downtown for a yummy dinner and a few last moments with 
my parents before they headed back home.
what a great day!
let's do it again next week. . . and next. . . and next.
love y'all to pieces.

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