Monday, January 9, 2012

all i've got.

so here's the latest hodge podge of my life.
1. andy and i recovered a couple of old chairs i've
 picked up here and there a few weeks ago. 
we do not have a future in upholstery that's for sure.
one cushion, yes.
more than that. . . way over our heads.
2. christopher got his one and only niece her first car for christmas.
she loves it and is pretty stinkin' cute sitting in it.
she honks the horn, turns the key, gets in and out and 
even turns the steering wheel but just cannot manage to make it go.
luckily, daddy likes to push her all around and she even says "wheeee!"
he'd push her for days just to hear her little voice.
3.  as of today all of our christmas decor is down.
still not in boxes but it's off the shelves and our normal 
everyday decor is back in it's rightful place.
i always feel sad and happy to see it go.
i know i'll be way ready to put it all up again next year
 but it was starting to feel a little too messy.
4. our friends brandon, ashley and savannah had us over for a
 delicious dinner, snacks, cowboys game and a tea party on the first day of 2012.
june made herself right at home in the popcorn bowl and 
had some fun sippin on tea with the kiddos.
such a great way to start the year!
5. we also got to celebrate our cousin jonathan who just turned seven!
it was a fun afternoon at the yogurt shop 
celebrating our favorite seven year old cousin.
can't believe how fast these kiddos grow
 and they keep getting better and better!
6. june is dabbling in scribbling.
i am looking forward to sitting and coloring with
 this little bug girl, i love to color!
 and what better place to color than outside?!?
can't wait for spring!
7. i made these for dessert a night or two ago.
you must try them!
one box of devil's food cake mix
two eggs
1/3 cup of oil
hide rolos inside dough
bake at 350 for 7-8 minutes
sprinkle with powdered sugar
do ten extra crunches and push ups.
yum yum!

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