Saturday, October 29, 2011


if you don't follow meredith and her boys you must be living under a rock.
she is the definition of super mom.
literally, she can do just about anything and make it look so top notch.
her home, herself and her boys are the absolute cutest.
so it's only natural that she came up with the cutest itty bitty pen pal idea for our little ones.
i couldn't sign june up fast enough and we were so excited to be paired with slade!
maybe one day these two can fall in love at acu. . . just sayin'.
slade sent june the best little treat box full of halloween goodies!
she loved digging around and finding treat after treat.
slade, you are the best little guy.
thank you for all of our fun, i am so glad you are my pen pal!
here's the rundown on her loot:
-the most hysterical little cow noise maker that she hasn't put down since the day she got it.  
so perfect for her, since 'moo' stands as the front runner in her short little list of words.
- the cutest halloween shoes and bow! you will die when you see the picture of them on her feet. 
wowee, meredith those were so beyond precious!
-halloween funfetti mix, icing and perfect cupcake liners. slade, you know us well.  
funfetti is the only way to our hearts.
-pink glow sticks for safe trick or treating. duh!
we can't wait for november!
june is already at work on her next goodie bag for you slade.
pen pal high five!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my fall favorite.

two of my all time favorite things:
fall and this little pumpkin girl.
loved this afternoon of pumpkins with my baby.

Monday, October 24, 2011

pink or blue, who are you?

saturday we were celebrating perry.
sunday we were back celebrating a new little pink baby brooks!
andy and i hosted what might have been the quickest thrown
 together gender reveal for my sweet sister in law becky and her family. . . 
soon to be family of six!
they are expecting their second baby girl early march and
 we were so excited to share the exciting news with them, our family and the brooks' dearest friends.
when i got the go ahead from becky that she wanted to live it up 
gender reveal style i couldn't believe that i was going to be the 
only one in our family that knew if this baby was pink or blue for four whole days.
that's a loooong time to keep that great of a secret but i knew
 the payoff was going to be priceless when they opened their cakes!
you're now invited to share in the fun of our night. . . take a peek.
(thanks to brittany polk for these great pictures)
baby shelby grace we can't wait to meet you!
you are already loved and celebrated in many, many ways.
yay for more pink!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

woohoo acu!

this was a memory making weekend i've got coming 'atcha, one for the books.
andy and i, the most brilliant parents in the world thought it
 would be so smart to leave for abilene when it was time for
 june to go to sleep, at her normal bedtime of 8 o'clock.
our sweet girl is very predictable when it comes to her sleeps,
 a trait of hers that i think my lucky stars for, so we thought this was a genius idea.
so on the road again we were, headed home for acu's homecoming and baby perry's sip and see!
once we pulled into town, it was late. . . like pushing midnight late and june was just waking up.
sweet little girl, the moment she realized she was in her papa and tootie's house she knew she could do just about whatever she wanted.
so she wanted to walk for the first time ever (yay!) and stay up until 2:30 (yikes!).
told ya, memories!
i don't think we will be leaving at bedtime ever again.
lesson learned.
somehow our sleepy heads woke up in time for the parade
 and that's about all the homecoming participating we did.
better luck next year.
best part of our weekend was seeing these two girls, calli and clarke.
hands down, best part.
we have a weekend planned coming up soon for some time 
away for us four girls and i could not be more excited about it!
is clarke not the cutest thing ever?!?
i love her.
and is her mama not the most talented thing ever?!?
best little kojie jersey i've ever seen.
good work turner.
oh perry, you are the prettiest little doll with the prettiest mama!
our afternoon was perfect.
we got to love on sweet perry lucille at her very own sip and see at lucy's parents house.
everything was beautiful and i'm beginning to think that lucy
 should open a party planning business, the girl knows her stuff.
we loved our afternoon with the belcher girls and wish we could 
spend every afternoon of the week with them.
junie slept through her friends party but managed to make
 it down the street for a cupcake, surprise, surprise!
she will indeed love you forever abby.
the rest of our time was spent just maxin' and relaxin. . . just the way we like it.
my mom dug out our old collection of beanie babies.
good grief, we had a ton of those ridiculous things!
june was in heaven loving her new babies.
of course, what's a trip to papa and tootie's without a ride in her wagon?
before we headed back she got one little tease of a stroll down
 what might possibly be the most beautiful street in all of abilene.
we are in love with our parent's new neighborhood.
it's a modern day mayberry.
until next time!
we will be back so soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

santa monica.

i'm way, way behind on catching ya'll up to date.
let's cut to the chase, i won't even bore you with
 my empty promises of trying to do better.
my parents moved!
big, big news!
i think i'm the only one that's a little disappointed
 that they didn't pack it all up to be closer to andy, june and i. . . 
but i'm still holding out hope for that day.
we had sixteen years of memories in this house that my brother and i truly grew up in.
we had moved once before but this house was home.
the smells, the sounds, the walls that had seen it all go down,
we surely couldn't not be there to tell it goodbye one last time.
so pack it up we did!
we had lots of good laughs this weekend,
 mainly at my dad's expense (we love you charlie) 
and we are all excited, so so excited to make a home out of my parent's new house.
goodbye to you santa monica street, 
we will cherish you forever and remember you always.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


we spent some time at the ranch a couple weeks back,
 it was so nice to be out there and i'm embarrassed to say that
 i can't remember the last time we were out there before this one weekend.
life is good and busy, but hopefully
we'll be back out there sooner than later.
 we were excited to show junie the moo cows, 
since that is her newest word.
i love that 'moo' is one of her first words.
sweet little girl, it was a great opportunity to
 get up close and personal with her "pets".
she went crazy for them just like we thought she would.
 i love this picture of my babies.
proud daddy showing his girl the ropes, his girl being ever 
so aware of the baby calves behind her and that storm rolling in.
praise the Lord for rain this weekend, those raindrops 
saved a lot of life at the ranch.
sweetest cousins at the gate when we headed 
out the next morning.
this bunch is going to get even funner with our two new
 cousins who are on the way!
thanks for a great and relaxing time rock ridge!
keep junie's pets so safe, we'll see you soon!