Thursday, October 20, 2011


we spent some time at the ranch a couple weeks back,
 it was so nice to be out there and i'm embarrassed to say that
 i can't remember the last time we were out there before this one weekend.
life is good and busy, but hopefully
we'll be back out there sooner than later.
 we were excited to show junie the moo cows, 
since that is her newest word.
i love that 'moo' is one of her first words.
sweet little girl, it was a great opportunity to
 get up close and personal with her "pets".
she went crazy for them just like we thought she would.
 i love this picture of my babies.
proud daddy showing his girl the ropes, his girl being ever 
so aware of the baby calves behind her and that storm rolling in.
praise the Lord for rain this weekend, those raindrops 
saved a lot of life at the ranch.
sweetest cousins at the gate when we headed 
out the next morning.
this bunch is going to get even funner with our two new
 cousins who are on the way!
thanks for a great and relaxing time rock ridge!
keep junie's pets so safe, we'll see you soon!

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