Saturday, October 29, 2011


if you don't follow meredith and her boys you must be living under a rock.
she is the definition of super mom.
literally, she can do just about anything and make it look so top notch.
her home, herself and her boys are the absolute cutest.
so it's only natural that she came up with the cutest itty bitty pen pal idea for our little ones.
i couldn't sign june up fast enough and we were so excited to be paired with slade!
maybe one day these two can fall in love at acu. . . just sayin'.
slade sent june the best little treat box full of halloween goodies!
she loved digging around and finding treat after treat.
slade, you are the best little guy.
thank you for all of our fun, i am so glad you are my pen pal!
here's the rundown on her loot:
-the most hysterical little cow noise maker that she hasn't put down since the day she got it.  
so perfect for her, since 'moo' stands as the front runner in her short little list of words.
- the cutest halloween shoes and bow! you will die when you see the picture of them on her feet. 
wowee, meredith those were so beyond precious!
-halloween funfetti mix, icing and perfect cupcake liners. slade, you know us well.  
funfetti is the only way to our hearts.
-pink glow sticks for safe trick or treating. duh!
we can't wait for november!
june is already at work on her next goodie bag for you slade.
pen pal high five!

1 comment:

  1. Okay, June is the cutest thing there ever was. Please send her in the November package. I promise to take great care of her.

    So glad she liked her package. Slade has a "moo-er" too and LOVES it. Those things make me laugh!!

    Excited for the November packages. Promise to get mine out on time!! Love you girls.