Monday, October 24, 2011

pink or blue, who are you?

saturday we were celebrating perry.
sunday we were back celebrating a new little pink baby brooks!
andy and i hosted what might have been the quickest thrown
 together gender reveal for my sweet sister in law becky and her family. . . 
soon to be family of six!
they are expecting their second baby girl early march and
 we were so excited to share the exciting news with them, our family and the brooks' dearest friends.
when i got the go ahead from becky that she wanted to live it up 
gender reveal style i couldn't believe that i was going to be the 
only one in our family that knew if this baby was pink or blue for four whole days.
that's a loooong time to keep that great of a secret but i knew
 the payoff was going to be priceless when they opened their cakes!
you're now invited to share in the fun of our night. . . take a peek.
(thanks to brittany polk for these great pictures)
baby shelby grace we can't wait to meet you!
you are already loved and celebrated in many, many ways.
yay for more pink!

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