Friday, October 21, 2011

santa monica.

i'm way, way behind on catching ya'll up to date.
let's cut to the chase, i won't even bore you with
 my empty promises of trying to do better.
my parents moved!
big, big news!
i think i'm the only one that's a little disappointed
 that they didn't pack it all up to be closer to andy, june and i. . . 
but i'm still holding out hope for that day.
we had sixteen years of memories in this house that my brother and i truly grew up in.
we had moved once before but this house was home.
the smells, the sounds, the walls that had seen it all go down,
we surely couldn't not be there to tell it goodbye one last time.
so pack it up we did!
we had lots of good laughs this weekend,
 mainly at my dad's expense (we love you charlie) 
and we are all excited, so so excited to make a home out of my parent's new house.
goodbye to you santa monica street, 
we will cherish you forever and remember you always.

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