Tuesday, October 11, 2011

all i'm good for.

all i'm good for these days is a bunch
 of random pictures from my phone,
but have no fear lots of fun is ahead so surely i'll be here more often.
so junie can't get enough of being outside and holding her babies.
my parents bought this little red wagon for their house
 but we had to use it for the big party. . . so before they 
headed back west one quick stroll was indeed needed.
all three babies enjoyed the ride.
is it strange that i took a picture of june with her pediatrician?
it was a congratulatory picture of sorts. . . congratulations for
 making it through a year of life?
does that count for something?
andy and i both think her doctor is the best and are so thankful 
for a year of leaving his office praising the Lord for our healthy little bug.
goodness, that's blurry.
after shots that day, andy stayed home with us to
 knock out some things at home.
he installed a new potty and a new microwave all in an afternoon.
we loved having him home with us one extra day and are loving our new toys.
that's weird to love a potty but we do.
 as a little girl, i would never be caught digging in the dirt.
that is not the case for june.
she would dig in this pot all day if i let her.
my little grubworm, i love you so much!
 these two are just for kicks.
nothing but cuteness.
 we used to meet andy for lunch a whole lot
 and we loved these outings.
these days it seems easier for him to come home for lunch
 and we always love our visitor.
this day we got to meet him and it was a sweet reunion.
you would have thought we took june to the circus, she
 was so happy to see every single stranger person at the restaurant
but especially happy to see her da-da.
one of june's birthday goodies from tootie was this pair of jeggings.
who doesn't love a good pair of jeggings?
these were the cutest little things on her chunky legs.
thank you again mom for keeping her instyle.
so there you have it.
stay tuned for lots of action coming up!

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