Tuesday, September 13, 2011


june and i jetted to abilene last week to squeeze baby perry.
i am still kicking myself for not taking a picture with her so i 
could show you how absolutely perfect she is.
she truly is the sweetest little thing with the sweetest 
little mama.
a treasure of an afternoon,
 chatting with my dear friend "mom to mom".
we love you three!
our trip was pretty speedy but packed with fun!
tootie has dreamed of taking junie to the fair since she was a 
tiny baby so her dreams finally came true last thursday.
the crowd thursday night was rather questionable but 
that didn't stop us from hitting the hot spots.
come along with us to the west texas fair and rodeo!
 these little goats loved our girl and uncle pher nearly 
let one bite off june's pointer finger.
andy and i are not really animal people but i think somehow our little munchie is.
maybe we should get her a puppy for her big day coming up. . . eh, probably not.
she sure is the sweetest little animal lover
 and goes crazy for any little creature she sees.
 after our buckin' bronco experience in ruidoso i figured 
these little ponies would be much more tame.
not the case.
we saddled up and didn't know we needed to hold 
on for dear life, fastest little carousel in texas.
june probably could have done without it but made 
for a cute picture and a funny memory.
 i don't know about you but our family loves funnel cakes.
i'm sure yours does too.
we couldn't leave without one!
what's a fair without a funnel cake.
junie of course couldn't get enough of it, sweet little baby girl.
i'm so glad we got to introduce june to the fairgrounds, we missed daddy and papa being with us.
a new tradition for our fall trips back home.
see you next year!

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