Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 after a whirlwind of a very sweet and fun wedding week for 
my dear lesley, andy and i handed june off to her 
papa and tootie and headed out of town 
for a little getaway for just the two of us.
it was just what the doctor ordered!
like any romantic weekend the first
 stop is always to fill our bellies.
for lunch that day we had sandwiches at jimmy john's 
and a yummy little cookie for the 
shopping we had ahead of us that afternoon.
 we just went down the road a little ways to the nearest ikea.
funny thing, this trip was for the two of us but was totally centered around june.
i spotted the cutest little table and chairs for her tea parties a while back
 that i thought they would make the most perfect
 first birthday gift and i couldn't wait to make one ours. . .
little did i know they were a summer item that sold out quickly
 and won't be back until next summer.
i was so sad and andy was bummed to because he wanted
 to keep his streak alive of never having stepped foot in that giant maze.
it was his first and probably last trip to ikea.
of course we didn't leave empty handed, we picked her up
 some other little funs and were on our way to see our first movie of the weekend.
junie was having the time of her life which made our 
time all the sweeter knowing that she was being loved on 24/7.
verdict's still out on wether or not my parents
 were loving their life or not, ha!
dream come true for those three.
for sure.
after the movie and more shopping we were 
pretty wiped out so we curled up at the
 hotel in our comfy bed for nap time and woke up starving again.
we had yummy steaks and seafood at the funnest little 
steakhouse called randy's on main street.
it was so nice to sit and talk and enjoy our meal, 
take our time and debate about dessert.
i loved our night.
it was wonderful to sleep in to 
whenever we wanted sunday morning.
we finally rolled out of bed in time
 for checkout and headed to surprise, surprise. . .
 more food and shopping!
we also saw another movie,
 which this one i feel like i could rave on and on about.
it came highly recommended and now i would
 highly recommended it to any stranger on the street.
we couldn't believe how crazy we felt seeing two movies in two days,
 a rare event in the land of mom and dad.
one i wouldn't trade for a million movies.
we ended our time at sushi sam.
i've never eaten sushi faster than i did that night.
i was so so ready to see
 our bug, 
we couldn't stand it anymore.
so thankful for this weekend away with my baby's daddy.
so thankful for my baby who makes time alone 
with her daddy so treasured now.
so thankful that my parents were able to watch june
 and give andy and i the gift of sleep, ha!
no, seriously mom and dad. . . thank y'all so much.
i knew we wouldn't have to twist your arms too hard.
thank you Lord for these sweet and perfect gifts, 
all of these people that i love so much.
we are truly blessed beyond measure.

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