Thursday, October 28, 2010

so fun!

i have so much to fill you in on but for now this is all you get!
we have been having lots of fun this week and i can't wait to tell you all about it.
mamas out there you must add this gem to your bookshelf.
i'm not kidding, it is wonderful and has put our hearts and minds at ease a million times.
it has become my go-to for every single thing 'june'.
i know it will become your go-to as well.
go now to your nearest book store.
brittany, thank you again for this pediatrician on pages.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

happy one month!

dear june,
today marks one month of life with you.
it has been so very sweet.
you are such a cutie pie and your daddy and i spend alot of time just staring at you, we think you are perfect in every sense of the word. 
you are still so tiny but compared to when you were born you have grown a ton.
you are trying so hard to be a good little girl and give mommy some sleep but we haven't gotten that down quite yet.  i know it's right around the corner though so i don't mind when you wake up at 2 a.m to eat and then again at 5 a.m.
speaking of eating. . . baby girl you love it!
you are just like your daddy in this way. 
you eat every three hours during the day and try really hard to eat every four hours at night.  so pretty much all mommy does is feed you, burp you and put you to sleep. 
it's a sweet time with you baby girl.
you make the funniest noises when you are falling asleep, we laugh at you alot because you sound kinda crazy. 
you love to be swaddled, rocked and held very close. . .sweet angel.
you also love your passy which drives mommy nuts.
i have finally stopped cringing when we give it to you.
you are ravenous when it comes time to eat and we laugh at that too. 
we have started to learn your cries and what it is you are trying to tell us.
you have a hungry cry that we know very well, a tired cry that is so pathetic and a cuddle cry that is my favorite. 
i love to cuddle you and usually spend a good amount of our day doing just that. 
daddy comes home sometimes to find us curled up on the couch just cuddling. . . sometimes by choice and other tmes because you just refuse to be put down.
i hope you will always love to cuddle.
it's been a great month!
we are so in love with you june and can't wait to see how you change and grow in the next month.
we are so glad you are here to stay!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

spoiled rotten.

 it's official.
june is spoiled.
spoiled rotten.
she gets a custom rocking and soothing session every now and then in the cacoon daddy built for us.
you can have this custom cacoon too, have your husband wrap a cozy blanket completely around you and baby anad rock away.
 dinner on the kitchen table, she never wants to be left out of anything.
she screams as if we are torturing her during bathtime and absolutely hates her cute towels.
 but of course tootie's baths always seem to be better than mommys.
 see. . . screaming rabbit.
 chillin' with dad during nfl sunday.
 first gift from busch's.
her papa is creating a monster.
he claims it's never too soon. . . meanwhile i am tempted to wear this beauty until june is old enough.
i may or may not have gotten a little jewel too from papa and tootie.

 are you serious?
all such cuties that i cannot wait for her to get to use/wear.
and here's the mama nut of the house trying to nurse in the first days home.
she's got us all wrapped around her little finger and we wouldn't have it any other way. 
we love you so much little june. . . even if you are kinda high maintenance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

prettiest town that i've ever seen.

june made her first roadtrip this past weekend!
she was a champ.
we headed out friday night for the big homecoming, i was so excited to take our baby girl to abilene.
thankfully she loves her carseat and would have slept the entire way home if her parents weren't such rookies who pulled over into a ghetto, scary gas station to wake up a sleeping baby and attempt to feed and change her in the car.
never again, never again.
so we rolled into town at midnight and were absolutely exhausted.
 first stop was to meet her gan-gan and pepaw.
it was such a sweet time and i am forever grateful to have my baby girl meet my grandparents.
i know that is so rare.
i have tried to engrave every second into my brain of their time with her. . . i want to always remember the way my grandparents have ooohed and awwwed over their great grandgirl.
so so sweet.
thank you Lord for these memories with them.
 we picked up lunch at the health food store and went to show her off some more at my other set of grandparents. 
it was so fun!
aunt jodi, emily and caleb came to meet her and brougth her the cutset little outfits!
i cannot wait for her to wear them, thank ya'll so much!
we were kinda shocked at our little show pony and how well behaved she was.
at one point there were 19 people at my parents house. . . all to see the munchie girl.
she's quite the hit!
we loved every single visitor and feel so loved by them all!
 poor marcus.
june still loves you and promises to never do that again.
 future babysitter, aunt lily.
the night ended perfectly, emily came to meet our baby munchie!
i was just so excited to have them together in one place.
it was a sweet weekend, exhausting but so sweet!
i hope the newness of our sweet lovey girl never wears off and that she always knows just how loved she is.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

settling in.

life as a mother is pretty sweet.
life with our sweet little munchie is very sweet.
in these first two weeks of life we have racked up lots of cuddle time points and lots and lots of feeding time points.
we are so close to being a well oiled machine. . . an all time high was met last night. . . close to five hours in between an early morning meal and breakfast.
we couldnt believe it!

i found this that i think i need to order.
shelby, do you already have one of these?
i'll order us matching ones if you want.

i think the movie life as we know it looks really cute!
ironically, because life as we know it is so very different i'm sure this will be seen in the comfort of our own home when it hits the nearest redbox.

just one more family of three shot.
the little munchkin's umbilical cord fell off on saturday.
i was so excited because i could not wait any longer to get this girl in a real bath, no more of the sponge bath stuff.
i love this picture, she loves the sound of running water.
our little sleeping beauty.
june attended her very first baseball game on saturday.
we were both so excited to be in attendance because we were getting a  tad bit stir crazy.
 would you look at what our sweet julia sent us?
i love those little teeny socks for june.
won't her feet be so cute and funny in them?
thank you julia, you are so sweet!
i'm not into halloween for the scary, evil stuff.
i am into halloween for the dressing up in something cute and visiting friends part.
we tried so hard to make these cute hats and onesies from the gap work for our little pumpkin but her little head is just too small.
maybe if you have a baby with a bigger head you should hurry to the gap.
they are too cute!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

scarf swappers.

i'm so late posting about the fun scarf swap.
i had a baby, so you must understand right?
talk about pressure. . . i was paired with the ever so fabulous meredith, who just so happens to be the creator of this fun swap.
i felt like a giddy school girl when i found out my pair and then i got really nervous.
i just knew there wasn't a scarf out there that would meet the criteria.
but i searched high and low and came up with this. . .

in all my baby having tizzy i forgot to snap a picture of the scraf  i sent but it looked a whole lot like this little leopard number above.
i love a good animal print!

meredith has impeccable taste.
her boys and she herself are beyond adorable.
she really is the definition of super mom.
i love reading her blog and secretly wish we lived in the same town so we could play together.
i just know we'd have the most fun!

meredith, thank you so much for my baby girl pink scarf, i love it so much. . . in fact it was wrpped around my ncek just the other morning.
and you are just too sweet to my baby girl.
i laughed outloud when reading piggy went to prada, june is going to love her nursery rhymes!
it means so much that you would think of her too.
you're too sweet and here's to next years swap!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

visitors galore.

in just a short amount of life june has managed to make lots of besties.
she has had so many fun visitors that have come to love on our little monkey girl.
we are so thrilled that so many people have taken time to come see us, it just means so much.

shelby was up all throughout the entire night of june's birth but she had to stay in abilene so christopher was keeping her updated.  we were so excited to see her the next morning.
sweet aunt shelby was working on no sleep and still made the trip to meet little june.
we were all so glad she was there just hours after our little thing came into this world.
june's vaughn cousins could not wait to get their hands on her!
i know june has some very fun adventures with these kiddos in her future.
just so fun!
ryan, laci and baby jackson newhouse came up.
just love this picture, two childhood best friends with their kids, doesn't get better.
mama's cousin bethany came by after her day of teaching second grade.
bethany is our nyc tour guide so we are already planning june's first trip to the big apple.
lots of shopping will be done with this girl.
these two are my favorite.
june's great grandparents came down with aunt caroline, pearce and noah.
i have the best, sweetest grandparents in the world and my heart just was so happy that they were there to meet our little thing. 
i will always treasure these pictures.
it worked out perfectly that julia was in town the very weekend that we got to come home.
june and i were both so excited about her visit and she brought june the sweetest and softest little bunny and the cutest book ever.
so sweet julia, we love you so.
p.s. julia is new to the blog world and is doing a fab job.
go check her out, you'll just adore her.
and abby and ryan came over too!
best day yet to share my little munch with two dear friends.
abby is an aunt to lots of little cuties and knows a whole lot about babies so it was fun to bounce things off her. plus it's just always so fun to be around abby and i always leave time spent with her wanting more.
you're the best abby, can't wait to see you very soon.
awww, this picture.
lesley my life bf came over to love on us.
what a precious precious time.
i am so thankful that lesley is a part of my life and now a part of june's.
it is rare that you have someone remain in your life that has seen you literally through every stage.
woohoo i can't wait to raise babies with you lesley anne.
sweet benjer is always so proud to hold baby june.
i just love this kid.

i know we missed lots of peoples pictures and i'm so sad about that.
baby june hasn't forgotten you and she was so happy to meet you all!
thanks again for loving our little girl.
we are pretty crazy about her.