Wednesday, October 13, 2010

prettiest town that i've ever seen.

june made her first roadtrip this past weekend!
she was a champ.
we headed out friday night for the big homecoming, i was so excited to take our baby girl to abilene.
thankfully she loves her carseat and would have slept the entire way home if her parents weren't such rookies who pulled over into a ghetto, scary gas station to wake up a sleeping baby and attempt to feed and change her in the car.
never again, never again.
so we rolled into town at midnight and were absolutely exhausted.
 first stop was to meet her gan-gan and pepaw.
it was such a sweet time and i am forever grateful to have my baby girl meet my grandparents.
i know that is so rare.
i have tried to engrave every second into my brain of their time with her. . . i want to always remember the way my grandparents have ooohed and awwwed over their great grandgirl.
so so sweet.
thank you Lord for these memories with them.
 we picked up lunch at the health food store and went to show her off some more at my other set of grandparents. 
it was so fun!
aunt jodi, emily and caleb came to meet her and brougth her the cutset little outfits!
i cannot wait for her to wear them, thank ya'll so much!
we were kinda shocked at our little show pony and how well behaved she was.
at one point there were 19 people at my parents house. . . all to see the munchie girl.
she's quite the hit!
we loved every single visitor and feel so loved by them all!
 poor marcus.
june still loves you and promises to never do that again.
 future babysitter, aunt lily.
the night ended perfectly, emily came to meet our baby munchie!
i was just so excited to have them together in one place.
it was a sweet weekend, exhausting but so sweet!
i hope the newness of our sweet lovey girl never wears off and that she always knows just how loved she is.

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  1. she is so so cute!! i love that you call her munchie because that is what we called my oldest and still do!! so sweet!!! i bet yall are having SO MUCH FUN!!!