Wednesday, September 1, 2010


four halls, two jeffreys and five etters makes for one great day of swim, sun and some very yummy pizza!
miles was hystericaly in love with shelby, it was a riot and so so cute!
love this child, 16 in a 6 year old body.  can't get enough of her!
then there's the newest additoin, sweetest and cutest baby chloe.
she and baby june will be besties for sure.
look at his face, hysterical i tell you. love him.
so we love the etters.
always have.
always will.

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  1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for the sweet comment :) I love your blog too! I saw your sweet dad & brother at the game last Friday...I think it's safe to say they are ready for baby June! She will be such a cutie and endlessly loved.