Tuesday, August 31, 2010

let there be light.

i have been without power for nine hours. count it people. . . nine.
that's an entire work day.
i have been on the phone with the electric company every other hour along with everyone else on our block. 
misery i tell you.
so i am happy to be sitting down with bravo and my blog. . . finally.
i'm aware i sound very dramatic but i'm shooting you straight. . . it really has been miserable.
so i did get alot done today and i just have to show you a few things.
i had a ton of thank yous to write, a few surprise packages to put together and a secret project i am working on to finally attack.

and let me just show you this cutie from brookie for baby june. . .
be still my patagonia loving heart.
is it not the cutest little tiny you've ever seen?
thank you brookie, i and june absolutely love it.

i am obsessed with all things aiden + anais.
i cannot wait to wrap june up like a burrito baby!

lastly, i can only show you a little peek but june's bedding is finally finished and her crib is ready to go. . .
so we are still waiting on the rocker's upholstery to be finished and then i can give you the complete tour.  i'm telling you i cannot wait to put my baby in her room.  andy and i go in there right before bedtime and just stare at the walls and at eachother. 
shout out to my fab mom.  who knew she had some major seamstress guns up her sleeves.  she has whipped up eyelashes for most of our windows in our house and i love them all and love her much more.

you've got to be kidding me, rachel zoe
i love your barbie.
i die.


  1. ooooh... i love those bedding pix, but you're such a tease, jessica!!!... i need to see mooooore! nice work, terry!

  2. Everything is just precious!! I can't wait to see the whole thing, I know you're going to make it beautiful!!

    Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday!