Thursday, October 8, 2009

november 20th.

i am at the edge of my seat. anticipation is rising for this one. it's football. it's southern. it's sandra. nothing better!

trailer must-see!

in elk news: the boys have successfully made it to their hunting destination.

in wife without a husband news: i have a greater respect for sweet soldier's wives. goodness gracious, you are brave women.

in kindergarten news: somehow we made it through teddy bear picnic day. i am exhausted therefore this entry is d-o-n-e.


  1. yup, i just cried watching that trailer. : )
    teddy bear picnic day sounds intense! haha

  2. Oh my, I am not a "movie go-er" but I have been captured by trailers 1&2!!! Know I will be making that one!

    This is one quite evening at Moody Ct!!!

    So pleased with your watching for mine!!!!

    love you loads...expect