Saturday, October 10, 2009

spit spot.

at the top of my christmas wishlist you will find this pretty baby!

i am missing my sweet husband terribly! first hunt today. . . no elk yet!

i just love this picture! this night changed my life!

we have had a bit of a hall family reunion since andy has been away. . . my parents are loving that i have been crashing their empty nest. christopher and my dad just called me out to witness a terrible sight! they enjoy shooting little doves that like to use the bathroom on our cars in the driveway. they both think they are so stealth with their little red rider bb gun.

holding steady at the number 2 spot on the christmas list you will see. . .

my mom and i enjoyed this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sight last night in dallas! i love any musical and this one did not disappoint! i would love to be mary poppins for a day. . . . for one thing she can fly, that' s pretty incredible. instead of "rules" she has games that she plays all day and they are all educational! she wears the most classic clothes and she believes in a spoonful of sugar a day!

5 more days!

numero tres. . .
a shopping spree here and here!

a girl can dream!

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  1. Mary Poppins was great wasn't it!! I saw it in the NYC with my sisters and we all felt like it was Sing Song on steroids!! It is such a good musical!

    And girl, I know the feeling of missing your hunny. Brian has traveled a bunch since we got married and he leaving for England in two weeks. I feel your pain. I have shed many tears too. He'll be back before you know it and PTL that your family is close by to keep you company.

    Catherine (Goode) Wick