Sunday, October 18, 2009

beyond thankful.

andy has been home now for a few days. our reunion was the absolute best. i found myself thinking when he was gone about just how thankful i am for him. i was reminded of that thankfulness just yesterday morning when i was pitching a fit about my closet being a disaster and he sweetly and quickly reminded me about how much i have to be happy for. i thought, you are ridiculous jessica, two piles of clean and folded laundry laying in your closet floor is really not a big deal at all. get a grip girl! i am so glad that andy helps me find that grip.

i am thankful that he. . .
- is the leader of our home and leads us in the ways of the Lord
- carries me to bed every night
- is home!
- can put things in perspective for this little freak- out drama queen girl
- loves his family and loves my family
- has really great big strong hands that rub my feet. . . if i beg
- is who i will wake up to every morning for the rest of my life!
- gets really into his fantasy football. it's so amusing
- let's me decorate our house til my heart's content
- wants to have lots of babies
- can fix things without getting overwhelmed immediately like myself
- can reach things very high up, like my boots in my closet
- encourages me to love like Jesus loves

we had our first official visitors this weekend at the jeffrey b&b. it is such a sweet thing to have friends in your home. we are looking forward to our first supper club this week when we will have even more friends in our home!

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