Friday, October 23, 2009

goodness gracious.

i have never been more excited about the weekend finally being here! this week has seemed to drag on and on and on and andy and i both are so looking forward to doing just about whatever we want! weekend's agenda: some major couch time and yummy food! possibly throw in a movie and there's guaranteed to be a football game or 10 on at some point. i just think relaxing with your husband all weekend is a dream come true!
first supper club was such a delight. talk about yummy food, goodness gracious these girls are very handy in the kitchen! we all can't wait until next month and the random happenings in between. i wish we would have documented with a picture. . . next time.
you hear teachers, especially elementary, say all the time that they really could write a book on the hysterical things they hear come out of their students mouths. it's so true and i am vowing to start writing these things down. i do however think that someone could write a book on the ridiculous things teachers say to their students. i, for example, today had the entire class applaud one of my more challenging and exhausting students because sweet boy finally got a sticker in his folder! such a victory.
happy weekend!

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