Saturday, June 18, 2011

out west.

tootie is on
 summer vacatio
so you know what that means!
june and i headed out west last 
tuesday for some summer lovin'. . . had me a blast.
i am a sunscreen nazi with this baby girl.
so we lathered our little mayo baby up and 
introduced her to her
 first summer swim at the country club.
she without a doubt loved it and by the end of
 the week she had been 
swimming nearly everyday and would stay
 in the water all day if we'd let her.
one day we met the etter's out there for lunch and splash time.
i love these next few pictures.
four of my all time favorite little treasures in one wet bunch 
soaking up the sun and time together.
oh and try not to be jealous, the etter's are now soaking
 up the sun and waves of hawaii.
we begged them to find a way to us stuff in their luggage.

my lily, 
i love you.
will you please come live with us and babysit june?
 i finally bit the bullet and dove into the screen printing craze.
i'm so glad i did because we're popping out t's left and right.
we are for sure no meredith, allison or kristen but i'm hoping to one 
day reach their greatness caliber.
oh please, one day!
they are so great and creative and so cute, let's all move next door to each other.
i had to have my mom's assistance in a major way. . . yeah i wouldn't have 
even attempted it without her there to help walk me through each and every step.
so hand in hand we got the job done and now all three of us 
have t's to commemorate june's first summer.
so fun!
while we were hard at work june was maxin' and relaxin'.
i'm always impressed with how great our girl does when we are 
out of the comforts of her home.
i of course have panic attacks about any change for her but 
she seems to have gotten her daddy's flexible gene.
i wish i had it.
 so we took good long naps in tootie's 
pack & play and rested up for fun in the sun with papa!

our lounge master.
she was cracking us up in her little float.
sweet life baby girl just having a ball.

this chica baby loves her some papa.
who wouldn't right?

we loved having pearce and noah join us for a quick swim 
and dinner before heading home to greet daddy!
he's so great to head our way after a long work week. 
june and i really are so grateful for how he works so
 hard so his girls can live the dream.
pearce, you are gorgeous.
stop growing ok?
i can't forget you as a little baby girl clinging to your mom, 
screaming at us and not letting 
anyone hold you, ha!
now look at you.
rockin' nike shorts like a teenager and being so grown up.
love you so.
our stay out west concluded with some time at the ranch with paw and precious.
it was so nice to be out there with them.
i love that june will have a little taste of country life, cows and catfish.
maybe one day her daddy will teach her how to drive the tractor!

it goes down in the books as a great week spent 
with the ones we love most. . .
let's do it again next week!

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