Thursday, June 2, 2011

memorial memories.

my little family had the greatest, most relaxed
 memorial day weekend.
we are so grateful for our military and all that they do to
 protect this great country, what a perfect weekend to honor their service,
 past and present.
kinda think we should have weekends
 for them every month.
don't you just love our flag?
tossed these in one of our flower beds and was sad
 to take them out tuesday morning.
can't wait for the week of the 4th for them to 
go right back in the ground.
we love to be patriots!
i do believe that the little bug girl would totally agree with us that
 her three day weekend was pretty fantastic.
she was the belle of the ball at lowe's and was then introduced
 to the yummiest yogurt ever for being such a good little shopper girl.
runs in her blood, that shopping girl thing.

she loved her yogurt!
i gave her the tiniest little taste and you could just see her eyes light up.
she though it was the best thing yet, sweet angel.
just wait until you taste reese's peanut butter cups.
talk about rock your world.
we made our family debut to nrh2o, verdict is still out on 
wether or not june had the time of her life.
she didn't smile one time, which was so sad to me but i think 
with practice she will learn to love it.
we picked the most prime time to arrive, 6 o'clock, when all the 
crazy teenagers were home, floated in the lazy river with 
maybe eight other people and then 
splashed for just a bit in the kiddie pool.
i think my little bug is too accustomed to her nice warm, 
sudsy bath that the shock of the cool water sent her into a tizzy.
she never fussed once, was taking it all in but
 the no smiling thing made me think that she just was having no fun at all.
better luck next time. . .
because there will be a next time.

our little hoodrat, feeling much warmer out of the 
water and in her sweet little cover up.
love her.
uncle christopher was in town coaching baseball so we got to 
see him for just a minute over lunch at annamia's.
yummy lunch and love our uncle!
so sad that i didn't take pictures of our memorial day cookout at the newhouse's.
so disappointing.
we enjoyed our lunch with friends, got to see sweet baby 
chapel again, ate yummy burgers and snacks and had the best time.
we are still over the moon that ryan, laci and jackson live seven minutes 
from us, it's so fun to have them so close.
of course we were so thrilled to have this guy 
home with us for three uninterrupted days.
maybe we can win the lottery and he won't ever have to go back to work.
hope your memorial day weekend was all the fun that it could be!

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  1. Jessica, your posts never fail to lift me up! Love your sweet spirit, your love of family, and the fact that your camera battery never fails you!