Sunday, June 5, 2011


we were happy happy people this weekend.
our friends, andrew, abbie and luke invited us to join them at
 their beautiful lake house for some fun on the water.
there was not a second of hesitation when we got the official invite.
yes a million times.

we tried to leave bright and early on saturday morning,
 almost got the early down, 
definitely got the bright.
we really couldn't get there fast enough and 
would have stayed for weeks.
it was seriously that wonderful.
wonderful house.
wonderful boat.
wonderful food.
wonderful friends.
sweet june has been having a hard time figuring out if sleeping or 
standing is more important to do in her crib so she hit the sack pretty early 
saturday night and left poor luke to play with the adults.
our little miss thang was one tired puppy.
is luke not the greatest?
i think i heard one tiny peep out of him the entire time.
little stud muffin, june already misses you.
thanks for the best weekend, sweet harmon's.
hope there's many more in our future!

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  1. Such a fun weekend! We will be doing this again soon I am sure. And maybe next time one of us will bring our camera! haha! We need boat pictures of them.