Friday, June 17, 2011

backyard bbq.

one night this week we thought it would be fun to grill 
out and let junie girl splash in her pool.
this week has seemed to fly by, 
sometimes i like that but other times it makes me feel a little bit lost. . . like what is today.
tuesday, thursday, monday, saturday?
i used to never have this problem, i was singing days of the week
 songs with my kinders so i guess they kept me informed.
june has yet to learn those songs so we kinda are in
 la-la land a lot of the time.
so, one night this week we grilled out 
and it was a good night.
my grandma, june's great grandma gifted her with this jumbo 
rubber duckie last week when we were visiting our favorite place on earth.
i think it's so cute and fun and june is in total agreeance.
she makes for a fun addition to our little duck family.

our grill master working on our yummy ka-bobs.
i am giddy when andy suggests grilling out because it's such a team effort in the kitchen.
i do the sides and he takes care of the meat.
makes for an easy night for mama!
i am sad that our yard looks unkept in these pictures.
i'm sure this is silly but i feel like you should know we are not those people.
andy mows our yard every week, promise.
sure do love these simple nights at home with my crew.
our little water worm with her sweet baby gut,
 the love of my life
 and yummy food.
three things that make life pretty sweet.

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  1. After 8 years of writing the date on the board every morning, I was lost too when I first stayed home. Disorienting at first, but now I take it as a sign of how much more relaxed my days can be...that I don't even have to number them. What a sweet feeling!