Sunday, September 19, 2010

birthday, burgers and buddies.

we had a party hearty weekend for andy's birthday!
here's some pics to prove the fun.
yummy dinner at the jeffrey's for andy's family party!
these little ones were so excited for their uncle, so sweet!

i whipped this up for the birthday boy to wake up to on his big day.
it was a hit and i loved that we could leave it up all day and all night when his buddies and their wives came over for burgers.
i plan to use the banner for every family birthday from here on out!
can i just say that icing a cake is hard work?
i have a new appreciation for my mother's steady hand.
september 18th made for such a great day,
we all loved celebrating andy!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

happy birthday andy!

today is andy's big day!
there is not another day on the calendar that i am more thankful for.
 praise the Lord for bringing this boy into the world!
i am so proud that andy is my husband,
i love to show him off.
he is the perfect combination of strong and sweet. 
 he is a constant encouragement to me and really could not be a better husband. 
 he is so honest, so loyal, so hysterical, so good looking, so wise and just so perfect for me.
we have the best time together and love being each other's favorite hobby.
there is nothing that i would rather be doing than spending time with andy.
you are such a mighty good man andy jeffrey. 
you lead our family so well and i am so thankful that you are predictable with anything that comes our way.  i know exactly what to expect with you and i am so thankful for that.
it says so much about your character.
you truly are fantastic.
goodness gracious, what a perfect daddy you are going to be to our little girl. 
i know that she is going to love you so much and just think that you hung the moon.
you will have two girls that think you are prince charming now, how fun!

this is super corny but i love the lyrics to this song.
you have to listen to it.
go ahead, click here for a little listen.
ignore the cheesy slideshow but this song reminds me of andy.
he'll kill me for this. :) but i love old country music and so does he.
i love you so much andrew cardwell jeffrey.
happiest birthday to you!

Friday, September 17, 2010

welcome home baby.

i've been meaning to show ya'll june's little room for days but time has just slipped away!
so without further adieu. . .
this is the room before it became june's.
i know this room made some little girl very happy but it just wasn't our style and i knew june would want a little makeover so that's just what she got!
we had her little crib bedding made in abilene and my mom made the little curtain. we found the frames at hobs lobs and filled them with scrapbooking paper. 
i love that little dress and bird hook!
we have a monogrammed pillow on the way and then the crib will be complete!
this is june's changing table before my mom put her magic fingers to it.
and here it is after!
we love it and everyone that has seen the nursery cannot stop talking about it.
good job mama.
we have filled these little jars with baby lotion and baby powder, such a fun touch.
can't wait to powder her little bottom!
we found the shaker for powder at pb and the glass jar for lotion at this cute antique shop called golightly's.
i'm sure after one good diaper changing fit they will both be broken but at least until then they sure will look cute.
her sweet rocker, i know i will be spending lots and lots of quality time in this puppy.
the little shelf is throwing me for a loop. 
 maybe before she gets here i will have it figured out. . . just can't find the right placement for stuff.
this picture was in my little girl room and i think it's so sweet that it's now in my little girl's room.
oh joy!
so there you have it.
all we need now is a baby!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day & labor pains.

andy and i had a wonderful labor day weekend.
we soaked up our time together as just the two of us and it was perfect.
we are certain that this was our last long weekend with out a little babe so we lived it up!
we ate out a ton, stayed up late, slept in (nothing new for me), shopped a bit and just cuddled alot.
i loved every minute of it and would be lying if i said i wasn't a bit emotional about andy going back to work this morning.
crazy? yeah probably.
loving the self timer.
andy was annoyed that i was wanting to document this weekend and that we had to use the self timer. 
he thought it was nerdy, but you understand right?
on our way to church sunday morning something very 'mom' happened to yours truly. . .
just a taste of things to come, i suppose.
we were drivng along and i had some type of pregnancy convulsion and spilled my entire cup of oj all over the place. 
it was hysterical and i was highly annoyed but we rushed home, swapped dresses and off we went again.
that night we went to see the switch. 
good movie, we love jason bateman.

do you see what i see?
doesn't it look like we did our grocery shopping in abilene at a united?
we found a market street, practically united, in colleyville and i have never felt more at home. 
andy had to go with me for this trip and for any upcoming trip to any public shopping adventure because i am having some major pains at the tip top of my legs.
you get the idea. 
they are intense, our doctor says it's normal and fine but goodNESS i am considering putting myself on bed rest just because there is no sense in me getting out of the house and embarassing myself in public.
plus i am terrified of going into labor in the middle of target or tjmaxx.

we ended our long weekend with a sugary treat.
sherbert and sugar cookies, pregnant mama's dream. 
it was yummy!

real quick. . .
you have to check out these two sites.
tara's new website is up and running and is so fantastic. 
go check her out and book her quick for your next shoot. 
such talent, we love her.
kyley and lauren have their hold & hug blog up!
i am so thrilled that i have a pair of these and you should too!
go browse their site and snatch up a pair.
you won't regret it!
we are exactly twenty days out from our due date, i have a feeling that our little bundle will be arriving fashionably late.
however i am beyond ready to meet her, things are uncomfortable and a bit hard to manuever these days so maybe if she really loves her mama she'll come in twenty days.
no more, no less. 
my extreme type a self kicks in when i think about labor and delivery and water breaking and all of that.
i like a scheduled life.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

bless baby june.

i remember feeling so overwhelmed with love and blessing when andy and i had our wedding showers.  it is incredible to me how those that love you want to bless you and shower you with love.  in my mind it's exactly like the body of Christ, so giving, so selfless, so pure and so sweet. 
now multiply that times about fifty thousand when they want to do the same for your child. 
it's powerfully unreal.
we had a shower back home a couple weeks ago.
let me tell you june is spoiled rotten already.
we are so thankful for every single gift and for every single face that came to love on my sweet belly. 
it was a very special special day!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


four halls, two jeffreys and five etters makes for one great day of swim, sun and some very yummy pizza!
miles was hystericaly in love with shelby, it was a riot and so so cute!
love this child, 16 in a 6 year old body.  can't get enough of her!
then there's the newest additoin, sweetest and cutest baby chloe.
she and baby june will be besties for sure.
look at his face, hysterical i tell you. love him.
so we love the etters.
always have.
always will.