Tuesday, June 15, 2010

june's haul.

little june has created quite the collection since we found out we would be having a pink baby!
i always knew it was going to be trouble if andy and i had a baby girl, the shopping possiblities are just endless. everywhere i go there are things that i just know she will need in her wardrobe!  so you can imagine the craziness that i felt in the big apple when faced with the cutest little baby clothes my eyes ever did see. here's what june collected on her big adventure!
i get so excited just looking at them! she also has two boxes packed up just waiting to make home in a closet somewhere.  i might be crossing the overboard line.  andy keeps reminding me that she is going to grow really fast and that most of the things i'm buying she won't wear for months.  but my mom and i just can't resist!
do you see that rose printed bag in the back? i had previously found that bag in missouri at a sad wanna-be boutique.  they had it ridiciously priced so i passed.  then by the magic of new york we found it! same brand, same print, same everything for $14.99.  i was beyond thrilled! i can't wait to pack it full of her little things when she travels to abilene to see her peeps.

i have not been able to settle on a diaper bag.  i have looked everywhere. 
trust me, everywhere! i don't really love diaper bags.  they look a bit obnixious when i see other moms carrying them and the straps are always so long. i know they are essential but i figured it's not essential to sacrifice good taste.  so i think hope i found the solution!
as if we hadn't done enough shopping in ny, my mom and i ventured out on monday to our little loved store surprise's and found this cute tote.  it was cheap so i could justify my big plans not working out. . . so i snatched it up.  i really want it to work because i love the print, the straps are the perfect length and it's wipe off for all of those spills.  i am going to use the smaller bag for diapers and wipees and such when i need something for a quick in and out somewhere.  here's to hoping this little tote will be just right for baby june!

real quick. here's my inspiration for her sweet nursery.
the mirror, not the rocker. 
although i do love that rocker and wish my parents would let me have it.

you can't really tell in the picture but it's the most perfect shade of pale pale yellow.
i'm excited about the dreams in my head of custom bedding, a chandelier, a beautiful antique white crib, robin egg blue and chocolate brown, a closet full of cute clothes and our sweet little june in her nursery!


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