Tuesday, December 1, 2009

where i left off.

i just never knew how busy a little wife can get until i became one.  i would not trade it.  here's the highlights and lowlights of our first thanksgiving as a married couple: wonderful, yummy food, emotional because my sweet grandpa was rushed to the hospital early wednesday morning, wonderful memories made with our families, a little bit crafty and just perfect having andy at home with me on my days away from kindergarten world.  i can not wait for Christmas break! 
so my a to z's of thankfulness just didn't make it on my to-do list but have no fear.  i'm picking up where i left off and finishing my list with a new twist and a few of my favorite things. . .
h is for hobby lobby.
i is for ice cream.  only cookies and cream.
j is for jcrew!
k is for kickball.
l is for love languages.  i am all 5!
m is for m&m's.  peanut please.
n is for new clothes.
o is for the name olive.  i desperately want to name a baby girl, olive.  andy says no way!
p is for pumpkins.
q is for quick reflexes.  necessary in my classroom.
r is for ready to bake cookies.
s is for soup!
t is for target.  my favorite place on earth.
u is for uggs.  not a warmer boot out there.
v is for very nice manners.
w is for watches.  i love watches.
x is for x-ray vision.  i would love to have this super hero trait.
y is for you!
z is for zippers on the outside of dresses.  such a cute detail.
(this was harder than expected.)

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  1. I want to name our girl Olivia!! I think both names are cute and unique...There arent many olives and olivias in my kinder experience...But Im not having kids so I guess Ill pretend!! haha