Tuesday, December 8, 2009

celebrate early? why not!

my husband of the year decided that he wanted to celebrate the birth of his wife early with a sweet dinner and a very sweet surprise on saturday.  my real birthday is this coming saturday, december the 12th and i cannot wait for my big day.  andy caught on to my excitment about a month ago and saw it fitting to do it up big and celebrate two weekends in a row! i think it's just pure genius. 
i had run some errands for new crafts on saturday afternoon and when i returned i found this HUGE box waiting for me.  andy is all about being tricky and sneaky when it comes to surprises so i knew that what was in the box was surely not really that big. needless to say, i couldn't wait to find out!

isn't he the best? i love my new uggs!
birthday countdown: 3 days!

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