Monday, December 14, 2009

birthday party!

on wednesday night i got this surprise in the mailbox. inside read that basically i was about to have the birthday of all birthdays.  i could hardly sleep the next three nights and andy was so shut-lip about the whole thing it was making me crazy! andy woke me up my birthday morning to the most beautiful pair of tall brown boots my eyes ever did see and then we headed over to my parents house to embark on a "planned months ahead" perfect birthday weekend in san antonio! here's the wrap-up of the fun!

promise me.  the next time you are in san antonio you will try this place out.  hands down, best cheeseburger i have ever had and everyone agreed.
we were so lucky to eat with a dear family freind who brought me a special birthday treat! just too sweet.

the rest of the afternnon was full of the riverwalk, which i love! then we got all ready for our big birthday night out.  ate yummy mexican food, cracked up at the mariachi's (one of my favorite things ever!) and then. . .
cue drumroll please!

oh. my. word. my parents surprised me with tickets to this fabulous thing! i was speechless! the show was so great.  it was amazing to watch how people make themselves look like REAL animals.  so wild! no pun intended.

the perfect night ended with  my traditional funfetti cake that my mom has made for me every single birthday.  i was fearful that  since we were traveling i wouldn't have one but oh no, never doubt my mom.  she thinks of everything. thanks mom!

thank you sweet friends for all of  the birthday wishes and thank you my dear family for a birthday for the books! here's to next year. . . i'd be fine with paris or maybe italy!

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