Wednesday, December 30, 2009

goodbye '09.

i cannot believe i have not said anything about the fabulous christmas that we had.  one might think that since i have had nearly two weeks off from kindergarteners that i would have had so much more time on my hands but i have successfully wasted a ton of time crafting and eating cookies and have not thought once about blogging to keep good record of our first "marry"ed christmas.  how about a trusty bullet list?

  • about four years ago my family started this funny tradition of eating at chick-fil-a on christmas eve day and watching all of the paniced chaos of shoppers in the oh-so terrible fabulous mall of abilene.  there was lots of huslte and bustle and lots of crazies finishing their last minutes! it snowed all day on christmas eve, hence the artic gear.  yay for beauitful, white, christmas miracles!

  • the entire town shut down shop due to the winter wonderland.  they even cancelled christmas eve services at our church.  NEVER have we not been in church on christmas eve, it was really the strangest thing. 

  • so instead, we decided to go see this.  little did we know, that it was the most depressing movie EVER made.  do not waste your time.

  • andy and i did our little married jeffrey christmas that night after we got home from my parents.  it was such a sweet time and uggggg i didn't take one ounce of documentation.  it was however the most perfect first christmas, my heart swells just thinking about it. 

  • we woke up christmas morning and went right back to my parents house.  there is something about being in the exact same living room, surrounded by all of the familiarity of twenty-five past christmas mornings that brings tears to my eyes.  i dearly love my famly. . . and the presents were fantastic!

  • the rest of the day was spent with all of our cousins, aunts, uncles and sweet grandparents.  our christmas day runs like clock-work and i cannot get enough of it.  i can trust that every year we will eat the most delicious breakfast, sing "happy birthday" to baby jesus and tons of christmas carols, play ridiculous card games, eat way too much and have an all around blast.  raise your hand if you love your treasured traditions!

  • so proud of this christmas girl! she's practically the smartest person i know.  she just graduated from PA school and accepted a super smarty job in dallas all in the same week.  so thankful for friendships to cherish.

  • andy and i celebrated being married for six months on sunday and our "first kiss" anniversary on monday.  this picture is so hysterical to me now. . .when andy and i first started dating he took me to his infamous college house where he had built a fire pit in the back field/yard.  we thought we were so sneaky as we sat so cozily, trespassing mind you.  it was that night that we became an official couple and when he kissed me for the first time, december 28th 2007! (sorry dad, i'm sure you are gagging now) when andy dropped me off that night i was a bit paniced because i knew that perfect kiss had just changed my life and as i repeated "this changes everything" about a zillion times, i very freakishly and nervously zipped up and down that brown north face zipper.  what a werido! sure am glad he's still kissing me two year later!

  • my dad gave my mom a new ipod for christmas so she has spent her break eating cookies and using all of her itunes bucks.  she found this treasure and has hooked me too! we may or may not already have a rehearsal dinner slideshow in the works for a little brother we may or may not know, wink wink!
may the Lord continue to bless you and yours that you so dearly love during these last seconds of december!

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  1. jessica, i totally agree with you about "everybody's fine." i don't know why everyone thinks it's such a great movie...SO depressing!