Monday, March 4, 2013

Home Sweethearts!

We spent some time in Abilene a couple weekends ago. 
It was of course so nice to bring all my little chickees home for the weekend! 
We hit up some major Abilene hot spots... Like the Grace!
And Nikki's for some yummy frozen yogurt!
And Abi-Haus with these two lovely ladies. 
Cannot wait for our reunion weekend coming up so soon!
There is something about being at Bapa and Tootie's that brings out the hungry hippo in our Junie. 
We laugh at her because within minutes of walking 
into my parents house she is asking my mom to make her dinner. 
It's ridiculously cute!
This little stud muffin caught a nasty cold while we were visiting, 
you would never have known it from this picture though... My sweet happy, go with the flow man.
Goodness, we love him!
Thanks for another great trip home! 
The memories will last a lifetime!

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