Friday, January 11, 2013

Summer 2012.

I have got to get this little ole' blog in chronological order before I can properly introduce y'all to Davis. Let me just tell you though... He's worth the wait! He is so much more than we ever imagined. We are all totally in love with our little guy. But before there was Davis there was the summer of 2012! Take a peek...

We spent many a day poolside in Abilene. We had our first Meet the Teacher night and went to the aquarium with daddy.
We ate cookies and made friends with the neighborhood lizards. We learned how to play dress up and met our friends at splash parks.
We met dear friends for lunch back home and celebrated three wonderful years of wedded bliss. We got our first real big girl haircut by our own personal in home stylist. :). We camped out in our bedrooms and ate lots of yummy french fries.
We visited our cousins in Virginia and they took us to an apple orchard. Everything about our trip was a special treat!
We made it back to Texas in time to celebrate the fourth with the Newhouses and snocones in the back of daddy's truck. God bless America everyday!
Thank you summertime for our wonderful, hot, sticky and pregnant memories! We can't wait for your heat to return so we can get both of these splashing fish in the water this year. See you all by the pool!

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