Friday, January 11, 2013

My little two year old!

My baby love turned two this past September. We had the sweetest day celebrating her. She got chocolate chip pancakes with birthday sprinkles for breakfast (epitome of health) and then a special pedicure date with mama. I loved taking her on this girly outing! 
I can see many more of these in our future.
Daddy came home with balloons and you would have thought he brought her a pony. 
Out of all of her gifts she loved these balloons best. Ha!
Then the party crew from Abilene arrived and the real party started! 
Surprise June! 
Cupcakes, a basket of goodies and a lot of love right at your front door.
After a super fast birthday dinner we headed back home to get going on the party prep. 
Thank goodness we had many working hands that night or else 
the party might not have come together. Thank y'all!
I love homemade parties. My mom always had our birthday parties at home when we were little and I love and cherish those memories. Hopefully Junie and Davis will do the same! Anna, a friend I met working a young life camp in college has an etsy shop where she makes the most beautiful paper goods. So I was so pleased when she took on my pink lemonade task! The invitations she made turned out perfect, I couldn't have loved them more!
The party was simple and sweet. 
We loved celebrating June with family and friends and cannot believe
 she's been making our lives so sweet for two whole years. 
We love you so very, very much Junebug!

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