Friday, January 11, 2013

Fall 2012.

I loved this past fall. The weather was exceptionally beautiful and we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Davis so everyday alone with June seemed extra sweet. We packed it in with her first day of Thursday school... I have never ever in my entire life cried as hard as I cried pulling out of the parking lot that morning. She however didn't shed a tear and has been totally enamored with anything "school" ever since. Love her to pieces! Daddy turned 30 this past September so we partied hard for him too. So glad he's ours for the next 30+ years. We love celebrating him!
We also went to our local farmers market quite a bit. Every fall they bring in the most gorgeous, unique pumpkins and jump houses. This was June's year! She was big enough to enjoy the fun and boy howdy did she! I hope this will always be a fall tradition for my little pumpkins.
Next up: Davis' debut! Get ready to melt. :)

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  1. these posts make me smile all over... cannot WAIT for photos of sweet davis! i've been itching :o)