Sunday, May 13, 2012

you're gonna miss this.

andy is going to read this and think this is a total joke. 
when june was tiny and he would come home for lunch
 or at the end of the day and sometimes things just hadn't really
 jived that day; naps didn't go as i thought they should have
 or i felt like all i did that day was nurse june
 or she had blown out her diaper all over her carseat
 for the sixth day in a row. . . 
pretty much all of the new mom stuff that i know with 
this next angel i'll be better prepared for.
 he would jokingly sing the chorus of this song to
 me and i would smile or maybe even punch him in the arm.
i love country music but we don't really listen to a whole lot of trace adkins.
 it is major cheeseball,
but it's so true and it's definitely our little inside joke.
it's rare that she lets me rock her to sleep, much against my own desire, 
i would cuddle that baby girl all day long if she'd ever sit still enough for it. 
but on this day she did and
that song played through my head the whole time.
i smiled and cried at all at the same time because
 it's such a random soundtrack for our life but it's so true.
 as i laid her down in her crib
i had to snap this picture.
i am going to miss her being tiny so much.
she is growing so fast.
she is so much fun and just the sweetest,
 most precious little girl that ever was.
she runs through the house saying 'mommy, mommy, mommy'. 
she wants me to 'hold you mommy' at every meal.
we have so much fun together everyday.
she tells me all about the things we do together
 and oh! how i hope she never forgets our memories.
i love being your mommy junebug.
i am the worst facebook member that ever was.
it seems though that whenever i do get on there i find the best stuff.
my sister in law posted this video a while back and
 it just seems so fitting to share with y'all on this very special mother's day.
it made me cry for my own mom and how endlessly
she loves us and how selfless she is and just how i don't know what i would do without her.
i hope i am half the mom to june as she has been to me.
love you mom!
happy mother's day!

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