Thursday, May 10, 2012

the greatest of these is love.

we have had lots of good trips to abilene this spring. 
unfortunately, during my blogging hiatus many of them have gone un-noted.
these pictures pretty much sum it up for the three of these lovebirds.
i love looking at them and hope you will too!
what memories are made of. . .
 these next few are to commemorate junie's
 favorite past times at bapa and tooties house. . .
 climbing in and out of the toy trunk,
 sitting in the tree,
 riding in the golfcart and feeding the ducks,
 and running around the putting green "playing" golf with bapa.
his dreams are coming true! :)
love this extremely sweet life the Lord has blessed me with living.
my cup truly runneth over.

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