Wednesday, April 25, 2012

love day.

hello world!
it seems that a whole lot has happened around here since i last saw you over two months ago.
the last time blogger was opened i was working on our valentine's day post.
wowsa that was ago.
my mommy memory mind just can't sleep at night any
 longer knowing that days and special memories are
 going by without being properly documented. . .
 so i am making a promise to try to get back in the blogging saddle.
i know one day i will be so glad i did.
so get ready for lots and lots of catching up!
our valentine's day this year was very sweet.
our little love bug wasn't feeling her very best but it was
 still a day that left our hearts feeling very full.
we woke up to lots of fun surprises from our #1 guy.
he sure does know how to spoil his girls!
we love to love him and couldn't wait for our valentine to get home.
junie also finally got to rip into her vday care package from tootie and bapa.
talk about spoiled. :)
we are way excited for spring so she can
 wear all of these new clothes!
somehow my mom always manages to find the very best stuff.
i never can figure out how she does it especially
 since we shop at the same places.  
this little elmo phone is case in point.
talk about true love!
thank y'all again!
our day was also made complete by all of our treats from friends near and far.
the cutest card from emma.
the sweetest treats from jackson.
the cutest card and most adorable book ever from clarke.
valentine's from little buddies are what this day's all about!
we love each one of you.
i was crossing my fingers on valentine's day eve that andy
 would send us some strawberries like last year.
like always, he never disappoints.
yummy yum i wish we still had some of these!
i had wanted to make a big to-do for andy when he got home
 from work but as most of my good intentions go, things
just weren't coming together for us that day.
thankfully our cousins from down the street happened to
stop by that afternoon and lend a helping hand for me
 to at least get something fun up for andy's homecoming.
thanks benj!
the rest of our evening was spent racing around
 trying to make cookies that were a major flop, eating a
 heart shaped pizza, opening more gifts and just loving on our love bug.
i feel so much better knowing this is here for us to see,
now on to lots more fun. 
sit back and enjoy the ride down memory lane with me.

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  1. Yay! So proud you're back! Can't wait to hear what you have been up to! Xoxo