Thursday, February 23, 2012

let the party begin!

welcome back.
who know's where i've been.
life with this angel is so good and so very busy.
how many times have you heard that?
probably a million. :)
here's some fun things we've been up to these past ten years, ha!
andy had an overnight men's retreat with church a few weekends ago 
so since i'm the biggest baby on the planet there 
was no way june and i were staying home alone.
we called in backup and bapa and tootie were happy to come hold down the fort.
right before i snapped this picture of the most fun loving threesome, 
my mom was putting on june's sweater before heading 
out the door for dinner and june looked at me and 
said "bye-bye mama" in the most excited voice ever.
we all died.
she thought she was going with them and i wasn't i guess. . .
so much for our bond i thought we had, ha!
sweet girl loves her bapa and tootie.
the next morning we headed to ikea for some new
 curtains for our living room and a little playtime.
ikea is a zoo.
enough said.
that afternoon after andy got home we all headed out
 for some antique shopping and a quick stop for some froyo.
ideal afternoon in my book!
here's junie just telling her bapa all about life.
i love her little sweet hand resting on his leg.
quite the pair, these two.
my parents bought june this really sweet bookcase for her bedroom.
what's a bookworm's room without a
 proper place for her books?
we are so thankful for this cute gift
 mom and dad, thank y'all a million times.
we really love it and y'all.
 speaking of other things we love.
my mom came down just recently and made a new pillow
 for june's rocker and some new curtains for our bedroom.
talk about talent!
it was intended to be a sewing workshop weekend for me
 but once we got going we quickly realized that we
 would probably still be sewing at the rate i was going.
so my mom whipped these up in no time at all and i am loving the new look!
thank you again mom.
our house wouldn't feel so loved without you.
check back tomorrow. . . or maybe next month for more updates. :)


  1. welcome back mamacita!! june is SUCH a big girl... her hair is getting so long! she's a doll. love the bookshelf your parents got her, so sweet. and I could NOT agree with you more-- IKEA is a zoo. I have only been once and I almost had a panic attack, ha! If they had online shopping I'd be all over it. The store-- freaks me out! :) Happy Thursday friends!!

  2. ok jessica WHERE are those shoes June has on from?! I think Leighton needs those ! haha