Friday, April 27, 2012

ranch days.

we are excited every year about our annual trip to the
 ranch with all of andy's old college roommates and their families.
it just so happens that the wives of the
 group are all best buds too so our weekend together really is the best.
such a great tradition to look forward to every year.
this might have been our best year yet.
we had a taste of life in the country and the city,
the perfect combo, if you ask me.
the boys worked cattle one morning while us girls
 and the babies got ready to head into town.
after a quick stop to check on our cattle hands 
we headed out to let the babies run around 
their college of they-don't-have-a-choice ACU.
the tiny future wildcats felt quite at home, so much so that us
 moms couldn't even snap any pictures due
 to their running all over the place.
after some yummy bbq we made it back in time
 for naps and woke up in time for a quiet evening
 of stock tank splashing, seed spittin' and the best cookout ever.
thank you rock ridge for the memories.
we all can't wait for next year. . . when we will double in size again!

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